Virgule business center

What we believe

Each product of Virgule is not only value for money but also consists of set of innovative ideas which make our customer life easier. Innovation and leadership are closely related. Leadership always has some focus on bringing about a better future. In this sense, leaders are necessarily innovators. We would not normally consider a spectator of the status quo to be a leader. The term innovation also suggests some break with the ‘norm’ or the status quo. A more powerful way to think of innovation in Virgule is that it means: intentionally ‘bringing

into existence’ something new that can be sustained and repeated and which has some value or utility. That is, innovation is always related to some practical ‘in-the-world’ value. It is about making new tools, products or processes, bringing forth something ‘new’ which allows customer to accomplish something they were not able to accomplish previously.

Virgule’s been focused on customer-centric innovation, constantly searching for new and different ways to solve client problems and build stronger businesses with less time and effort.
At virgule we believe and practice innovation in each of our product and services and employees are rated on percentage of innovation they put into their work.

Business Team

Virgule’s Business Team works very closely with each product development and service providing team and keeps track of quality and percentage of innovation involved in it. This team is called as ‘Virgulbusier’ at Virgule

Headquarter of Business Team


6th West Main Street

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