You me & Art

Any artist either a beginner or one with overwhelmed with fame , everybody has a right to share their knowledge and showcase their collection to entire world. We are launching a platform especially for people who does not have any platform to showcase their skill & who have skill in-spite of that world is poorer because they are not available to all of us. Who will be benefited from platform : 1. Any skill like painting, art & craft, glass work ,sand work etc. basically idea which pop out the eyes with pleasure felt after seeing your glorifying talent 2.

A perfect educational blog

Do we really find right tips while taking admission to schools or colleges or do we strategies it.
The answer to above question is yes and but our strategy always limited to some extent , since procuring correct information and comparing the schools / colleges based on ranking ,cultural ,students relationship ,environment etc all matters but due to lack of resource and fact sheet we missed the best possible school/colleges as per our caliber.
This is the first mistake of our life when we skirting out our foots to this competitive & proactive world.

ISO Fast Track Platform

ISO26000 ,Launched in India by Virgule InfoTech Private Limited

So what is so fuss about ISO26000 ?
ISO 26000 is the international guidance on social responsibility. ISOFastTrack is an online application which helps with implementing and monitoring your CSR policy. Small to medium-sized organizations implement CSR on an effective and quick way.