About Us

We focus on below industries: Boot Start Up helping , Banking & Financial services, Communications, Healthcare and life sciences, IT Infrastructure services, Manufacturing-logistics and retail, Media and Entertainment services, Travels and hospitality

We are involved in product development and Software services and adhere to our clients with them. We also help them to develop products by providing our inherent guidance

  Who we are

  • Virgule InfoTech Private Limited was started in early 2011 by Suraj Yadav with the help of expert business developers. We are in consulting, technology and outsourcing.
  • We are a team of Young, bright and dynamic technical geeks who would like to digitize the world with great ideas and provide ultimate convenience to your business.
  • Associates of Brand IsoFastTrack
  • Brand Owner of EventIgnitor
  • We have launched various successful blogs, media & entertainment application and software.

  What we do

  • Till date we have successfully delivered various products and handful of Web application for our clients. Various internet based application development to suits your business need .We believe in to build strategic long-term client relationships. We are ready to provide alternative solutions to you if are into any of these :
  • Boot Start up your Idea      Healthcare and life sciences
  • IT Infrastructure services Social & Media Publishing
  • Software development Software support
  • Media & Entertainment services Travel & Hospitality
  • Manufacturing-logistics and retail


   Experience and Expertise

We continuously seek the "best and the brightest" when we recruit new employees, and we’re consistently an "employer of choice" at leading engineering and business schools around the world. Our domain industry specialists have well-established backgrounds working with companies in the industries we serve.

Our deep domain expertise in key vertical industries originates from the company we keep. It now spans financial services; healthcare and life sciences; manufacturing-logistics and retail; and communications, information, media and entertainment services. Within these industries, we leverage a wide array of solution accelerators, frameworks and agile development methodologies spanning the entire technology stack to quickly and efficiently meet your business needs.

   Core values

Value to work : To be a part of Teams and always thinking of value addition to our and clients product
Innovation on hand : We always encourage innovation throughout the life cycle of our deliverable
Responsibility at Glance : To be adhere of quality and cost we always deliver within time
Growth and development : We believe in growth of business scope of our deliverable and follow continuous development strategies
Unique follow up : We adhere to a principle of uniqueness in our deliverable, hence bound to add unique features to it
Leadership by Example : To set standards in our business and transactions and be an exemplar for the industry and ourselves
Excellence : To strive relentlessly, constantly improve ourselves, our teams, our services and products to become the best Virgule InfoTech

   How we deliver

We promise what we deliver. We stand by our commitment and deliver which will ultimately convenience for your business needs.

  • We follow agile approach to come up with robust solution to suits your business
  • Corporate and creative during entire lifecycle of software solutions
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Release in Beta before acceptability to have virgule solution with better cost optimization as per business need
  • We work keeping in mid below philosophy